Do you need someone to take care of your property like it's their own?

Mick Maintenance is here for you!

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My Services

Walls & Ceilings

Small wall repairs, paint touchups, check ceilings for mold

Doors & Windows

Repaint doors & windows, check all doorknobs & windows open properly

Ceiling Fans

Check all ceiling fans are clean, replace with new fan if they make noise, add lights

Lights & Internet

Check all lights, change light bulbs, check all electric devices are working, check cable and internet service

Kitchen & Bath

Check water pressure in kitchen & restroom, check kitchen faucet & sink, check food disposal, check toilet & toilet tank, bathtub caulking

Air Conditioning

Check central AC & window units, clean filters, clean central AC vents, deep clean windows AC units, check central AC thermostat

Ponds & Fountains

Clean pond water with fish & plant friendly chemicals, feed the fish, make new ponds in the garden, install new fountain, clean fountain


Leaf removal, check condition of the plants, water & fertilize the plants, cut old palm branches, take care of orchids, check irrigation system, install new lighting system, check all lights are working

Fences & Balconies

Check & replace rotted fence pickets, sand, primer & paint entire fence, check balcony condition, do small touchups for balcony, clean the gutters

Pools & Decks

Clean debris from the pool, clean the pool deck, check umbrellas & deck furniture


Assemble new furniture


My maintenance services can be customized to your needs. If you don't see it listed here call and ask about it

Hi, my name is Miroslav Jocic, the owner of Mick Maintenance. And if you want your property to be maintained like a hotel, I’m the guy for the job.

I lived in Key West with my wife, Ashley & my daughter, Teodora. I was there for 7 years & for the last 5 I’ve been doing maintenance. I started Mick Maintenance there at the beginning of 2023 and am now in Windber, PA. We moved to Pennsylvania to be closer to family. I am professional, on time, & have a clean record. If there is a job I can’t do then I will refer you to someone who can. There are a few plumbers, electricians & HVAC contractors that I have worked with in the past & trust.

Any new customers would be a huge help while I am starting out. Once I have enough customers I would like to make my maintenance business full time.

I provide full service and guest check-out & check-in property checking. My service packages can be customized to your needs. I’m also polite & I have experience talking with guests that are upset about an issue on the property.